Vaccine Debate in Australia as Pfizer Arrives – RT with Rukshan

As the first batch of the Pfizer vaccine lands in Australia, the debate around “The Jab” is fully underway on the mainstream networks.

These moderated debates should not be seen as a genuine discussion between parties with varying vaccine use perspectives. It is not anti-vax versus pro-vax. Instead, these discussions aim to inform the public of the safety and the benefits of being vaccine compliant.

For the first episode of realtime with Rukshan, I look at a recent panel discussion/debate on the ABC Network regarding the vaccine roll out in Australia. Of particular interest to me was how uncomfortable the panel became when one doctor questioned the efficacy of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Is the Australian Government being fully transparent with the people of Australia?

You can watch the full episode of Q & A here: (1) Vaccines: What Do You Want To Know? | Q+A –

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