A day in the park with Victoria Police – Flagstaff Gardens // Melbourne

Raw highlights from the footage I managed to capture at the anti-government/lockdown protest at Flagstaff Gardens today.

Despite the police showing up at my home last night and accusing me of being a protest organiser and warning me against attending, today they looked over my independent media credentials and gave me the all clear. I have no idea what they are doing, but it’s all over the place. They should have never come to my home and threatened me for doing my reporting job.

People will interpret todays events differently, some people will see police doing their jobs to keep the State safe, others will see police terrorising members of the public expressing their anger at the situation in Victoria.

I primarily see an over the top police response, and a shameful waste of public resources to control people that the government finds problematic to their narrative. There was a few hundred police personal today in and around the gardens, most of the time they were just in groups walking around and chatting with each other. The show of force was completely unnecessary and theatrical.

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