Australian Government Threatens Elon Musk with $700,000 Daily Fine

Breaking: The Australian eSafety Commissioner has issued a threat to Elon Musk (Twitter), warning him of a potential daily fine of $700,000 if he fails to address concerns regarding “online hate” within 28 days.

Julie Inman Grant, an “alumnus” of the World Economic Forum and former employee of Twitter in Australia, currently serving as Australia’s eSafety Commissioner, has written the request as part of a focused and aggressive campaign against Twitter.

In a recent presentation at the World Economic Forum, Inman Grant expressed her ambition to redefine human rights and freedom of speech. Since assuming her role in Australia, she has also made attempts to remove articles from online publications in other countries and exert control over debates on various issues within Australia.

In my opinion, this latest complaint appears to revolve around reclaiming censorship authority in the Voice to Parliament debate and stifling open discussions on transgender rights issues in Australia.

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