Australian Government Vaccine Rollout Announcement

With the emergency authorisation of a vaccine candidate in the UK, the Australian government has come out and made an announcement about the timetable for a possible rollout in Australia and what that would look like. These are some of my thoughts on the key points raised in the government’s announcement.

The key takeaways were:

There will be no mandatory administration of the vaccine by the government at present (it was not completely ruled out in the future).

There will however be a mandatory registry database to indicate whether you have taken the vaccine or not.

It will be up to individuals and private companies to sort out vaccination information requests.

The mandatory vaccine database will not be accessible to private companies, as there is no legal mechanism for that process.

The government will watch the UK rollout like a case study.

Government is open to censoring anti-vaccination information.
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My position on vaccinations is I’m neither for or against. I’m very much pro choice. People should be able to decide what is injected into their bodies, and if the government or private companies want to mandate rules around forced vaccinations, then they should be liable for complications which may arise. To completely disempower the population through denial of services and participation in society is morally and ethically dubious and should not be advanced as the status quo.

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