Australians of Indian Variant no longer Citizens

What does it mean to be an Australian citizen? From the actions of the Australian government, and the very little push back from the opposition and other State governments it’s fair to say it means not much at all, especially for those Australians of the Indian variant. From today Australians stuck in India can face jail time and fines of almost $70,000 for attempting to return home.

On this episode of Realtime with Rukshan I look at the citizenship conundrum for Australians stuck in India, and the discussion that is taking place within the community.

Are these measures justified, or is it a harsh response by governments unable to manage their hotel quarantine systems after almost 1 year of trial and error? Is the situation in India being reported fairly by the media or is all of this a complete over-reaction?

On a side note how far has the left in Australia gone from calling Donald Trump a heartless xenophobe for keeping non-citizens out of the United States to totally being ok with the idea of keeping Australian citizens out to protect themselves and siding with the Morrison government.

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