Boo who? Sam Newman doubles down — The Opposition Podcast No. 14

Tonight in a special episode of The Opposition podcast Rebel News Australia’s Avi Yemini and independent journalist Rukshan Fernando, are joined by former AFL star and opinionated commentator Sam Newman who has once again caught the ire of the mainstream establishment over his views on the trend of Welcome to Country ceremonies.

Sam has doubled down on comments he made on his You Cannot Be Serious podcast where the footy great suggested that Aussies should boo or ‘slow hand clap’ during the Welcome to Country, particularly at the upcoming AFL Grand Final.

After his comments ruffled the feathers of the mainstream media establishment, Sam doubled down today, saying that Aussies have ‘had a gutful’ of the woke generation telling people how to live their lives.

Has he hit the nail on the head? Avi and Rukshan sit down with Sam to discuss the issue in full and uncensored detail as well as looking at the current state of Australia, live from Dan Andrews’ Victoria.

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