Craig Kelly unloads on the AEC — The Opposition Podcast No. 16

Tonight on The Opposition podcast, episode 16 hosted by Rebel News Australia’s Avi Yemini and independent journalist Rukshan Fernando.

Former United Australia Party MP Craig Kelly joins the podcast to give his two cents on the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) which has found itself at the centre of controversy as the Voice to Parliament referendum battle gets heated with the Yes23 campaign deploying deceptive tactics to try and pull off an unlikely victory.

Kelly, who has previously been raked over the coals by the AEC, unloads on the authority, which now seems docile and toothless in reprimanding the other side of the political aisle, leading to widespread outrage from more conservative voters and continued accusations of political bias playing a leading role in the referendum.

The group discuss the constant stream of controversies the AEC has had to run damage control over as the Yes23 campaign tries its best to win back public support while the majority of Aussies question the motivations behind the push for constitutional change.

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