Daniel Andrews’ administration replaced Private Security Guards with “Floor Monitors”

“Private Floor Monitors” replaced Private Security Guards following the Hotel Quarantine revamp in late July. It was not until a healthcare worker alerted the press to breaches in infection control by these “Floor Monitors” that Victoria Police replaced them mid-shift just the other day. Again Andrews had no idea what was happening in the “revamped” program, even though multiple private contractors had tested positive. It’s clear the advice he is receiving is not up to date and complete, and almost no lessons have been learnt from the first hotel quarantine failure. Remember, the Premier looked directly into the camera after his testimony at the Hotel Quarantine Inquiry, and said that he would not let this happen again. If it was not for the healthcare worker blowing the whistle, we may have had another disaster on our hands. Here is a video of a man that has no idea of what is going on.

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