Daniel Andrews is responsible for the hotel quarantine failure

How can we have confidence in the Andrews government, when they themselves do not have confidence in each other?

Over the last few months in Victoria, we have all seen first-hand, what poor governance looks and feels like. If not for this unprecedented time, the hotel quarantine fiasco may have been just another run of the mill bungle by inept politicians.

However as we have been lectured on numerous occasions, this ‘wicked enemy’ deserves our most serious attention, because to do otherwise would have devastating consequences.

So one should naturally wonder, where was this attention by the Andrews government when administering the hotel quarantine program? How is it possible that our Premier, his ministers and not a single bureaucrat knew who was responsible for making key decisions in a program that has a budget upwards of $130 million dollars? Decisions which have now been labelled mistakes. Mistakes which in turn have ultimately cost lives, destroyed business’, crippled economies, and profoundly diminished our spirit by locking us away. If anyone of us in our private lives had acted in such a careless manner and caused similar harm, it would certainly not be tolerated.

So who then are these people in Spring St to hide behind tax payer funded lawyers, and pass the buck to one another in an attempt to obfuscate their duties. As Andrews too does not know what happened in his own administration, It may turn out that all we are left with at the end of this inquiry is a $3 million dollar bill and flashbacks to sketchy zoom calls that drop out.

Surely this government can’t be comprised of the same people that now want total control over our lives with the Omnibus amendments? Can we really trust them to not mess it all up again, while holding our civil liberties hostage? Worse who are these #istandwithdan apologists that turn a blind-eye to almost everything, are they actually just suffering from cognitive dissonance or Stockholm syndrome?

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