David Limbrick MP will not comply with proposed motion for members of Parliament to show jab status

Interview statement made by David Limbrick MP (Liberal Democrats) in response to a proposed motion to limit access to Parliament to only MP’s that have been vaccinated and can provide proof via the submission of private medical records.

David Limbrick has said he and his party colleague, Tim Quilty MP, will not be complying with the order even though they are fully vaccinated. They are standing in solidarity with other Victorians that they represent who find themselves in a similar situation.

Furthermore, if enacted the motion may exclude duly elected representatives of the people from participating in the parliamentary process, thereby impacting the very foundational tenants of how our system of government works.

The Liberal Democrats have been vocal in their scrutiny of such measures throughout the past 20 months. With the introduction of permanent pandemic legislation looming, the passing of any motion to limit the ability of MPs such as David Limbrick and Tim Quilty to represent the views of their constituents would effectively remove any such considered scrutiny in the future.

This is a HD upload of an earlier livestream: https://fb.watch/8vEJTS8C5Q/

It may be used for news & commentary purposes.

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