Discussing Trans Rights vs Women’s Rights with A/Prof Holly Lawford-Smith – Full Episode Out Sunday.

I asked A/Prof Holly Lawford-Smith about how the everyday member of the community should approach voicing their views and concerns on issues relating to trans rights vs gender rights.

“It has been my observation that this fight to have this issue put on the table as a serious conflict of rights between different groups, where it’s not just unkind or bigoted to question any of the claims of trans activism, that fight has to be fought in every single workplace, every single school, every single city council, every single country’s government.”

Full episode of Realtime with Rukshan feat. guest Holly Lawford-Smith
out this Sunday.

Holly Lawford-Smith is an Associate Professor of Political Philosophy at the University of Melbourne and a gender-critical feminist. She is the target of multiple ongoing campaigns by trans rights activists, who are calling for her removal from her teaching post. Posters and stickers placed around the university by the activists claim that her feminism philosophy course is for ‘fascists only’. She recently lodged a complaint against her employer, alleging occupational health and safety breaches, political bullying, and undermining of academic freedoms.

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