Highlight video of interview with Michael Piastrino, Liberal Party candidate taking on Dan Andrews

Michael Piastrino has issued an apology for his inappropriate language during this interview via a Liberal Party statement on twitter @VCHQ2022: “I wish to apologise for the inappropriate language I used in an interview over the weekend.”

Clarification of my highlight video:

The language is in reference to Piastrino saying he will bring Daniel Andrews to “justice for the murder of 800 people”, a statement that was in reference to the deaths of Victorians due to failure of hotel quarantine.

No member of the Andrews Labor government has been charged with any offence, including murder related to the death of 800 people as a result of hotel quarantine failures. The Labor government including Premier Daniel Andrews has maintained they do not recall how the decisions that led up to the tragic events occurred.


Highlight video of my chat with Michael Piastrino, Liberal Party candidate for the Mulgrave electorate. Piastrino a small business owner is fired up and believes removing Dan from office is key to getting Victoria back on track.
Mulgrave is turning into a battleground of sorts this State election with multiple candidates challenging the incumbent member and sitting Premier Dan Andrews.

A full video of my chat with Michael about his campaign to oust Dan Andrews will be out later this week.

Which other candidates would you like me to interview for the upcoming State Election?

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