How are the French reacting to “Vaccine Passports”?

Vaccine passports are now required in cafes, restaurants and on public transport services across France. Even hospital visits can be limited to only those who present vaccination passports.

So how are the people of France reacting? According to the mainstream media narrative, although there was a lot of resistance via protest, the passport is still popular because it allows for life to return to “normal”.

However, is there another side to the story the media is not showing you? Spending a bit of time on French social media, it becomes apparent that all may not be as it seems. The protest movement is ongoing and has also morphed into boycotts of business & services by the vaccinated and the unvaccinated.

There appears to be a more universal agreement amongst the vaccinated and unvaccinated that these types of mandates and requirements to participate in society is dystopian and repugnant to the French way of life.

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