Is the Shrine of Remembrance CEO engaging in misinformation?

The Shrine of Remembrance CEO may not be being entirely truthful about “threats” that were made by the public against staff and the Shrine that prompted a LGBTQ+ pride rainbow light display to be cancelled today. Even the VicPol head of security at the Shrine didn’t know about any “threats” when questioned on camera by Avi Yemini from Rebel News, even though the mainstream media breathlessly reported on the supposed hate filled threats without first asking to see the evidence.

Why would the Shrine of Remembrance CEO mislead the public and cause further division on a contentious topic within the community without providing any evidence of these “threats” and the context around them?

A more logical explanation for the decision by the Shrine CEO was that he was responding to the divided opinions of veterans, with most taking a centre position that no political or ideological symbols should be displayed on the Shrine. The RSL has also come out tonight and said the display was inappropriate and that they were not consulted. The RSL President even going as far as to say he is pleased the display was cancelled as there was fears that up to 10,000 veterans were ready to show up and protest if the display went ahead.

I also talked to a protester that was a part of a handful of people at the Shrine today to make their objections known in person, asking him some of the questions which are currently being debated in public forums.

Full Rebel news Video:

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