Kamahl speaks his mind — The Opposition Podcast No. 15

Tonight on The Opposition podcast, another special episode hosted by Rebel News Australia’s Avi Yemini and independent journalist Rukshan Fernando.

Malaysian-born Australian singer Kamahl has been a long-time icon of Australian entertainment, making his name in the 1960s and remaining on TV screens into the new millennium.

Kamahl has recently found himself in the spotlight again, this time over his personal political opinions. First he went viral on social media for supporting the ‘No’ campaign in the upcoming Voice to Parliament referendum before switching his support to the ‘Yes’ vote after meeting comedian Dane Simpson and constitutional lawyer Eddie Synot.

But in a stunning move, he flipped his vote back to ‘No’ during a segment on The Project, leaving the left-wing hosts stunned.

In this episode, Kamahl shares his thoughts on politics and life in a live uncensored and in-depth conversation free of mainstream media censorship.

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