Left-wing activists outraged by immigrants thinking for themselves

Inner city left-wing activists and elites are on a crusade to co-opt Australia’s diverse immigrant communities into supporting their latest radical causes.
Whether it’s seeking support for “the voice”, or affirmation of gender ideology at the expense of the rights of biological women and men, these social justice warriors believe the only opinion that immigrant communities should hold is one that aligns with their own worldviews.

To be fair I’m not surprised that certain people who harp on about diversity and inclusion want people of ethnic heritage to agree with them by default. They believe that If they don’t conform to their worldview and expectations of behaviour then there must be something wrong with them.

These people often make the assumption that ethnic communities are a monolith, and fail to understand the implications of culture and history, as well as the diverse spectrum of political and social views prevalent in those communities.

I’m of the opinion that people like this would have been great candidates to run plantations and oversee other dubious colonial era activities.

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