Let the Children Dance – Arts Centre Melbourne – 13.06.21

Highlights coverage of “Let the Children Dance”. This gathering was organised by small business owners, dancers and parents in front of the Arts Centre in Melbourne to bring attention to the disproportionate restrictions placed on dance studios, particularly kids dance schools.

Extract from the event organisers flyer:
“This Sunday June 13 at 10am we will walk with our dancers for our dancers. While parents can go to the pub with 50 strangers, and kids can dance at school or roll around on top of each on the football field, it’s unfair that our little dancers and performers are still unable to attend their socially distanced dance classes in studio.
Dance studios were shut for a total of 10 months last year, as well as 5 days in February, and at least another 3 weeks under the current “7 day circuit breaker”, with restrictions upon reopening making dance schools unviable to operate.”

Highlights features interviews with Caroline (Small Business Owner & Dance Teacher), Charlize (Dance Student) and David Limbrick (Independent Member of Parliament)

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