Melbourne Freedom Rally Highlights – 24.07.21

Highlights from the Freedom Rally March in Melbourne, Australia – 24.07.21

The Chief Commissioner of Police disgraced himself yesterday on 3AW radio when talking about the lengths that people in Victoria are going to, in order to organise protests to voice their dissent by using encrypted messaging apps to circumvent police detection.

In a free & democratic nation such as Australia, ordinary citizens that are displeased with their government should never have to use encrypted messaging apps to avoid detection by the police, just so they can exercise their civil & human right to protest.

Without being subject to any meaningful oversight and having to provide no accountability to the public they serve, it would appear that the government and police have gone mad with power in Victoria. Yet despite all these hurdles, thousands still managed to gather in opposition of lockdowns and draconian mandates in the State.

I’ve minimised the amount of police interactions in this video, as there is no point in highlighting their unlawful interactions with the public. Instead this highlight belongs to the people of Victoria, and their courage in the face of adversity.

For anyone that wants to watch the RAW Unedited 2 Hour Livestream (no music) its available via

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