Melbourne & Sydney Protest recap from independent media.

I’m of the opinion that the government, police and mainstream media are operating within their own echo chamber and creating false narratives about the intensions of protesters in Australia.

They would like you to believe that everyone is outraged by the behaviour of those that marched on Saturday throughout capital cities in Australia. However there is no way they can gauge the opinion of the public in the manner in which they are claiming, because the only metric they are using is public sentiment. The problem with public sentiment is that it can be manufactured through spreading fake news stories via mainstream media, and the use of loaded language, threats & mistruths during press conferences by government and police officials.

These are some of my thoughts, as someone that was actually on the ground as an independent reporter, and also member of the Victorian community on Saturday.

I would be very skeptical of the claims being made by the media, government and police, as these groups also serve their own interests. Daniel Andrews went so far as to pretend that he did not know why people were protesting, until a reporter reminded him that they were protesting against him.

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