Navigating the conflict in Israel and Gaza as an Australia

The very serious conflict in Israel and Gaza, has also spilled out into the streets of the West as an ideological battle for support, with many communities asking for fellow citizens to take sides as a show of solidarity.

In my opinion, as Australians, our loyalty should always be to our country first. We should not betray the benefits of the peace we enjoy as Australians to forgo our values and national interest to side with views and ideas that are not welcomed in our country.

Although it can be complex living in a diverse, multi cultural/faith nation during times of conflict, we already have a set of moral and ethical principles to guide us when navigating such challenges. Even though our country may at times fall short of its aspirations, there is no denying that many people who have sought refuge from war and atrocity find themselves living in countries like Australia.

There is a reason for that, and it should be appreciated and respected at times like this.

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