NEW(S) Vlog: Intimidation and assault while working. VicPol afraid of violent mob and refuse to act.

I was assaulted while working on my daily news vlog in front of the Melbourne City Council, with multiple members of the Victoria Police force present. I had attended the public area in front of the council building as the MCC was debating a motion on a ceasefire in the Israel-Gaza conflict, aiming to cover a local news story as an independent journalist and a resident of the city of Melbourne. While working, a group of pro-Palestinian individuals openly harassed and intimidated me, as they did not approve of someone I know in the Victorian Jewish community.

Victoria Police told me to move to another side of the road, as the Pro Palestine group did not approve of my relationship with this Jewish individual. At that point, I contested the ridiculous move-on order for a journalist in Australia; however, I did move across to the other side of the road as it became apparent that the police were more comfortable blaming me than controlling the unruly mob. As I crossed over to the side of the road the police directed me to, I was followed by a group of Pro Palestinian protesters, after which one of them openly assaulted me in front of the police.

I have attempted multiple times throughout today to provide a statement to the Victoria Police; however, I have yet to be contacted, even though they witnessed the assault on the night it occurred and noted it as an unlawful assault in an incident report. I’ve tried my best to compile the circumstances of my assault and the failure of the Victoria Police to act. On the night of the incident, they were refusing my requests to identify the masked attacker who was present, citing fear of the mob.

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