Patton’s Vic Police the champions of human rights, saved Melbourne from being destroyed by BLM

Shane Patton Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police confirms that they allowed BLM protests in June to save Melbourne from emotional BLM activists and associated communities that would’ve surely burnt down the city of Melbourne based solely on evidence he saw overseas on television.

However he had very little time to watch local reports on the devastation happening in his own State of Victoria in relation to the government mismanagement of Hotel Quarantine and lockdowns destroying lives & business. If he had been paying attention surely he would’ve seen the emotional impact poor governance was having on his own community as well. Instead under his leadership Victoria Police decided it made more sense to abuse individual human rights of law abiding Victorians voicing dissent against poor leadership in order to ensure the human rights of the “collective community”.

This is the crux of what Shane Patton was getting at in an appearance at a recent parliamentary hearing, it sounds comical and absurd, but we are meant to buy this story and move on. Worse, there is no requirement for the Police Commissioner to be political, however it’s evident from this most recent appearance he represents the government and not the community he so bravely saved from BLM.

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