Police Response to Invasion Day Protest Breach of Covid Rules

Here is Daniel Andrews’ Victoria Police who have gone from bashing and arresting peaceful protesters for being in breach of the CHO guidelines for public gatherings, to now watching on as thousands breach “Covid” safety rules, that we have been told for months are there to keep the entire community safe.

This report is not about the content of the protests themselves, as I believe that in a democratic fair and just society the right to protest should be upheld, I just wanted to get a sense of the police and government attitude to todays Invasion Day protest.

How can the justice system, the government and the police be taken seriously when they are so obvious in their decisions to only enforce rules/directions/laws when its easy and not controversial for them.

To put it into prespective I was kettled when I was doing media coverage of a group of 20 peaceful people in a park holding a rally against Daniel Andrews by 200+ police officers, taken into custody and then fined.

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