Posie Parker Assaulted in New Zealand by Trans Rights Activists during Women’s Rights Rally

Women’s Rights advocate Kellie-Jay Keen (Posie Parker) attacked by Trans rights activist in New Zealand with an unknown substance. Will NZ Police, Government and Media condemn this atrocious behaviour? Or are they going to stand by and watch the result of the mob they’ve helped riled up to surround and antagonise women trying to speak?

In some backwards countries tribal leaders and men publicly pour acid on women who speak to silence them.

In New Zealand right now Trans rights activists are celebrating their attempt at the ritualistic humiliation of a women’s rights activist by throwing a substance at them in public and taking over the platform on which she was about to speak as a win for decency.

The only thing different in the examples provided is the substance used, the intent is the same. #LetWomenSpeak

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