Pushing everyone’s buttons — The Opposition Podcast No. 13

In this episode of The Opposition Podcast Rebel News Australia’s Avi Yemini and independent journalist Rukshan Fernando, are joined by SESH a content creator from New Zealand who has become extremely popular since the country was locked down by former Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

SESH joins Rukshan, Senator Babet and Rebel cameraman Benji in the studio while Avi calls in from Israel, where he is promoting his best-selling book A Rebel From The Start.

The group discuss SESH’s viral videos and he shares his thoughts and views on the current political state of New Zealand and the world.

Although SESH’s content can sometimes be considered edgy, he says his goal is to make fun of all of the “plot holes” in today’s society and to be voice for the voiceless.

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