Restaurant chain owner of Rashays arrested over mask mandates in NSW

A restaurant chain in NSW (RASHAYS) has released a live video of a tense stand off with NSW police over mask mandates. After threatening to arrest the front of house staff for not providing details, the police escorted the owner out of the building and arrested him.

Multiple police officers attended the premises on a tip off from a member of the public that mask mandates were being ignored by people in the building, however video evidence seems to suggest that front of house staff were consuming food at their desks while working.

In my opinion the disproportionate use of police resources to go after small business operators struggling during these times, is over the top and disgusting. Will we ever see this level of policing for serious crimes in our community?

This is a shortened 10 minute version of the 30 minute live shared by Rashays which is available here:

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