The Dangers of QR Codes – Victoria Police Attempt To Access QR Code Data

On the face of it QR codes seem harmless, for businesses and the end user they are easy to implement and use without requiring any technical understanding of the underlying mechanisms. For governments all around the world the ubiquity of smartphones in the general population makes it a no-brainer, particularly for the purposes of contact-tracing to achieve health outcomes.

Beneath the simplicity and the convenience however there is something more at play, and we are now seeing first hand the dangers of implementing QR Code systems without proper legal frameworks and education around the implications for data privacy.

How do you feel about Victoria Police, and other law enforcement agencies in Australia and around the world having access to QR Code data? I ask this question because recent reports have shown that police in multiple jurisdictions have either accessed or attempted to access QR Code data to aid in law enforcement work which has nothing to do with achieving health outcomes. In this video I take a general look at the implications for privacy for Australians, as well as an overall look at the QR Codes as a foundational building block of any future social credit system.

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