Victoria Police & Council officials shutdown group feeding the homeless in Melbourne

Victoria Police & Council Officials shutdown a community kitchen providing meals for the homeless and needy in Melbourne by citing the global pandemic & lack of permits last week. In a video shared on the groups public Facebook page yesterday, the Community Union Defence League is approached by members of Victoria police who call the council to check the organisations permits.

According to comments made in the video, the organisation claims to do this regularly without an issue, however the council is not interested in showing any discretion to allow the group to continue serving meals to the homeless and needy in Melbourne.

At one point a member of Victoria Police attempts to educate the group about the Salvation Army because they are “authorised” to look after the community, hinting perhaps that other types of movements are not required to help the homeless and needy.

Prior to being shut down by the police and the council the group had served about 200 meals to the public.

This month we have also seen another local government collaborate with the police to shut down a children’s skate park, why are authorities working so hard to create disharmony within our community?

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