Victorian construction workers protest against government restrictions and mandates

Highlights from Victorian construction workers protesting on Elizabeth Street, Melbourne. The protest was a part of a series of demonstrations by construction workers in response to new workplace restrictions.

These street lunchroom protests are a being claimed as a coordinated action by unions in response to restrictions on lunchrooms, so therefore the workers are only protesting during their defined break periods by having lunch/smoko on the street.

Union leaders have said these are not protests, and are just workers having their lunch on the streets because of the inability to work within the CHO directions. The actions have caused disruptions to the road and transport network within the city and outer suburbs.

Speaking to people from these worksites off camera, they have a mix of views and concerns, mandatory vaccination is one of them (however the unions don’t publicly support them on this matter).

Victorian workers have only a few days left until they will no longer be allowed on worksites without providing proof they have had at least 1 dose of the vaccine.

Some workers claim they are also protesting against the unions for not backing their workforce against government overreach into their ability to make free informed decisions about their decision to vaccinate.


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