Victorian Small Business Owners Protest – Highlights – 05.06.21

Highlights from the Victorian Small Business Owners Protest.

There was an overwhelming police presence at the intersection of Flinders Street in Melbourne today, as a group of business owners gathered to voice their concerns about the situation for small businesses in Victoria. However before they could speak, the police started picking off attendees one by one, leading to some ugly scenes. Here are some of the moments I documented during my time covering the event, there is also a full livestream available on my Facebook feed –

On a side note, I can’t help but think these are the scenes police are worried about being captured by independent media (They turned up at my house last night to warn me against attending, knowing full well that I’m independent media). There was plenty of mainstream media capturing the protest today but you might not ever see any of these raw feelings from the people of Victoria being represented.

What are your thoughts, is this level of police enforcement justified against innocent Victorians, and should the government be able to censor business owners who are amongst the hardest hit by these lockdowns?

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