Will Locking up Clive Palmer save our Vaccine Rollout? Mediawatch with Rukshan

It looks like the mainstream media is out in force trying to pin vaccine hesitancy, and the issues around the vaccine rollout in Australia on individuals that question the government narrative and provide alternative information.

Previously we have seen them target members of Parliament like Craig Kelly but this time around its Clive Palmer, a business man and leader of the United Australia Party. Palmer is no stranger to controversy, however does a letterbox drop off sharing alternative information on vaccines warrant calls on television to lock him up?

Add to this mix that they frequently also blame every day sensible and skeptical Australians they claim represent the “antivax” movement and applaud at times violent actions by authorities to crush these alternative views (a movement the media also claims is so fringe that it has no impact whatsoever when it suits their stories).

On the episode of Mediawatch with Rukshan I take a look at a comical exchange that took place on Channel 9’s Today Show, and give my thoughts on “who” exactly we can blame for vaccine hesitancy in Australia.

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