When did Annastacia first have concerns about the AZ jab?

When did Annastacia first have concerns about the AZ jab?

Did we just find out why Annastacia Palaszczuk went to a great deal of effort to jump the queue and get the Pfizer “jab” instead of the AstraZeneca “jab”?

If you listen carefully to her interview on ABC’s 7:30 Report, it’s clear she has been keeping an eye on reports detailing adverse reactions to the AZ “jab” from around the world.

So was she vaccine hesitant when the AZ “jab” was available to her because of her age based on research and private health advice? Did she know from previous national cabinet meetings, that the recommended age for the AZ jab would be lifted to 60 at some point in the future?

From her serious tone about the data and the importance of acting on health advice, it’s plausible she made a decision many ordinary Australians would not be able to make for her own safety.

While hiding behind excuses and delays to avoid the AZ “jab”, did she once make it clear to the public that she had any of these concerns while pushing AZ on the public?
We will never know the truth, but we must ask – how long has she had these concerns? More importantly now that we know how seriously Annastacia takes data about adverse reactions, will she share with the community her thoughts on the Pfizer & Moderna “jabs” safety issues or will that also come at a politically convenient time for her?

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