Where’s Dan? Victorian Premier missing during global crisis

Holidays are all of a sudden back in fashion for leaders in Australia, in fact it’s a requirement for great leadership according to some media personalities and journalists.

It wasn’t that long ago that SCOMO having a family holiday during bushfire season was seen as one of the biggest political scandals in Australia, but here we are during the “1 in 100 year Global Pandemic” that will lead to a “reset” of our lives and yet the Premier of Victoria is missing.

Now I know there are many in Victoria who wouldn’t mind Daniel Andrews taking a more permanent holiday and resigning from his position, so my criticism is not aimed at ensuring he returns to work, rather I wanted to highlight the false narratives created by the media about the qualities of “leadership” and how it is in somehow linked to not taking time-off to recharge with family during a crisis.

We saw first hand in Victoria how disasterous leaders can be when they are in fact on the “job” 24-7 (ending up with our leaders having trouble recalling past memories and the tragic loss of life for 800+ Victorians), so Daniel Andrews being on holiday could be a blessing in disguise.

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